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About the Call for Papers

Closes October 17th 2016 6pm GMT

The main attraction of any conference is the talks that are given and we aim to attract the best PHP speakers from around the world. We solicit talks through a call for papers so you, the community, can tell us what kinds of things everyone should be hearing about.

We are looking for talks relating to any non-basic aspect of the PHP programming language, be it mainstream, advanced, niche or non-technical. We are looking for real 'wow' talks that are fresh and inspiring about cutting edge topics or new perspectives on common problems. The audience will be from all backgrounds varying in skill level from beginner to intermediate to advanced, so talks varying widely in topic and skill levels are required. Most of all we want speakers who have a deep knowledge about the topics they are proposing and can't wait to share that knowledge with a whole group of of eager listeners. Tell us what you're most passionate about and why we should be passionate about it as well.

Selection Process

We receive on average 300 papers for 34 talk slots. In order to select these 34 talks, we use the following 3 step process:

  1. Using an anonymised list of all papers (contains talk title, abstract, and 'why you should choose this talk'), the organisers rate each talk from 1-5 to create a shortlist of around 60 abstracts.
  2. Abstracts are then discussed and put in order of must have talks, with the top 40-50 papers being the focus.
  3. Submissions are then deanonymised and final selections are made based on the speaker's location/cost of travel and level of the talk.

What's in it for me? Fame and fortune! Well, maybe not just yet, but, speaking at a conference is a great way to give back to the amazing PHP community that has given so much to you. In addition to giving back to the community, we are very pleased to be able to offer the following benefits package to all our speakers:

  • Entry to the conference (both days) and all the social events
  • Travel expenses paid in full
  • Three nights accommodation so you can attend the whole conference
  • Invitation to the complimentary speaker's dinner (Wednesday night)
How to Submit

Interested in giving a talk? Please complete the submission information laid out in a handy form for you. We'll need to know some bits and bobs about yourself and we'll need a title and abstract (up to 200 words) of the talk you'd like to give. We're also interested to know why you think we should choose your talk. You can submit as many talk proposals as you like!

PHP UK Conference has a Code of Conduct to ensure that all attendees are able to enjoy the conference. All attendees, talks, content and slides are required to participate.

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